The Best Resources for Learning Portuguese: Books, Apps, and More

Starting your journey into learning a new language is exciting, and having the right tools by your side is crucial. Everyone’s approach is different, influenced by personal goals and preferences. We’ll check out a mix of resources, from captivating books to engaging apps, all designed to suit various learning styles and help you get a handle on Portuguese.

Books for Learning Portuguese

Forget about those old-school textbooks just drilling grammar and vocabulary. Interactive books like “Learn Portuguese with Immersive Short Stories: Sombras do Passado – São Paulo” make learning come alive through storytelling. This book draws you into the Brazilian culture and lets you practice Portuguese in context-rich settings—perfect for learning the language in a natural and enjoyable way. The stories are crafted not just to improve your reading skills, but also to emotionally connect you with Portuguese, turning learning into an unforgettable journey.

Using Kindle for Language Learning

The Kindle edition of any book can be a game-changer for beginners. You can instantly check a dictionary and use translation features from the e-book apps and devices, allowing you to look up new words and phrases quickly, right within the story—no need to pause your reading flow. This digital format is ideal for those who value convenience and portability in their learning tools.

Print Books and Kindle Scribe

For those who love the feel of a physical book, the print version lets you interact with the material in a classic way. You can make notes, highlight text, and work on crosswords directly on the page. Kindle Scribe users get to enjoy a similar interactive experience but digitally. They can use the e-pen to jot down notes directly on their device, blending the best of print and digital worlds.

In a book with crosswords in every chapter, like “Learn Portuguese with Immersive Short Stories: Sombras do Passado – São Paulo“, a printed version of the book or a device such as the Kindle Scribe can be an excellent choice, as it allows you to jot down and complete the crosswords directly on the device.

Language Learning Apps

Apps like Duolingo, Babbel, Anki, Lingvist, and Rosetta Stone offer structured learning paths that cater to both beginners and advanced learners through fun and interactive exercises focused on vocabulary and grammar.

By the way, Sombras do Passado comes with free Anki and Lingvist flashcards. I wrote more details about the flashcards deck in Lingvist here and about Anki here. The image on the right shows how nice the Lingvist flashcards look like.

Advanced Learning Platforms

Platforms such as italki and Preply are great for those looking to perfect their conversational Portuguese through personalized lessons with native speakers. I personally recommend those tools to get in contact with native speakers and SPEAK. Nowadays, questions can be easily answer by ChatGPT, Gemini, or Copilot, and I think it’s really helpful to practice the language speaking to people. You can find a big range of tutors and prices, and the prices from those living in Brazil are lower given the currency differences.

Alternatively, Lingodeer and Clozemaster offer structured lessons that are great for hammering home grammar and vocabulary in realistic contexts.


Podcasts like BrazilianPodClass and PortuguesePod101 can be a valuable resource for auditory learners. Their immersion into Brazilian culture and practical language usage is ideal for those seeking to enhance their listening skills and cultural fluency.

My tip here: use a “Podcast search engine”, you may use Google to search for such website, which may offer to filter the results by language. In my case, I love Psychology and I searched for podcasts that talk about that in my target language.

Searching for “Learn Portuguese” podcasts can also be an option. For apps, I recommend PocketCast as a Podcast player, but other apps like Spotify also support podcasts, among many others available in your app store.

Last words

Diving into various resources will help you find the ones that click with your learning style the best. Whether it’s through interactive books, dynamic apps, or personal tutoring, each tool offers a unique way to master Portuguese.

Be sure to check out “Learn Portuguese with Immersive Short Stories: Sombras do Passado – São Paulo” on Amazon for a distinctive blend of storytelling and language learning that’s both fun and effective.

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Dr. Felipe Follmann