About Me

I’m Dr. Felipe Follmann, a Brazilian deeply passionate about languages, holding a PhD in science. Having recently moved to Germany, I dedicate myself not only to science and to learning languages, but also to crafting books that bridge cultures and enhance language learning through innovative means.

What is My Goal?

Teach you Portuguese, German, or English through immersive stories that happen in the countries where they speak the language you are learning.

I want to share a journey of language discovery with you. As a Brazilian who has ventured into the realms of EnglishGerman, and a host of regional Brazilian Portuguese dialects, I understand the nuances of language learning. My experiences are as diverse as the languages I speak, with memories from places where I have lived, like Canada, Mato Grosso, São Paulo — states from Brazil, and the other many Brazilian cities I have visited as a tourist.

With a Ph.D. in science, I approach language learning with a unique combination of analytical precision and creative storytelling. My techniques are innovative and effective, from developing methods that sift through film subtitles to uncover frequently used words to crafting tools for automatic dictation correction.

The Power of Stories

I found out that reading stories was not only fun, but also a very effective way to learn language. Beginning with a more straightforward graded books and gradually advancing to novels such as Harry Potter, my journey was replete with mini-projects, summaries, and extensive vocabulary decoding. It was not just a way to teach words, it also unlocked entire worlds hidden within pages.

Why My Books Are Special

End chapters with crosswords for enjoyable word recall

My books are crafted with the learner in mind – easy to read yet challenging enough to push boundaries. Each book is made with care and includes common words, interesting stories, and useful activities, like crosswords, to help you memorize words better. The glossaries have been meticulously curated, with a particular emphasis on more challenging words to minimize the amount of time spent perusing dictionaries.

Join the Adventure

My mission is to make your journey enjoyable and effective, whether you’re learning a language out of love or necessity. Through the stories and methods I share with you, even the most daunting language can become a source of joy and a path to fluency.

Welcome to my world – where language learning meets storytelling, where data meets dialogue, and where every reader is invited to turn the page to their next linguistic adventure.