Enhance Your Portuguese with Short Stories and free Flashcards

Dive deeper into the vibrant world of Brazilian Portuguese with “Learn Portuguese with Immersive Short Stories: Sombras do Passado – São Paulo,” the first book in an innovative series by me, Dr. Felipe Follmann. To complement your reading experience and accelerate your language learning, I’m thrilled to introduce a specially designed Anki flashcard deck, now available for download.

You can also check out the paid alternative (and more user-friendly) Lingivst. On the other hand, my Lingivst deck of flashcards (see blog post about it here) uses different sentences, while in Anki you will get the original sentences from the book.

Learn Portuguese with Immersive Short Stories: Sombras do Passado – São Paulo.”, is available at Amazon, for Kindle, via Kindle unlimited, and as print version, both paperback and hardcover in many countries.

Link to the graded book: Amazon.com: Learn Portuguese with Immersive Short Stories: Sombras do Passado – São Paulo

Look for it in the Amazon website from your country!

Over 400 Anki flashcards are distributed in 11 Anki sub-decks, one per chapter:

Each card is meticulously crafted from the book’s vocabulary list, spanning all chapters, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of terms and expressions.

Example of card – you learn the sentence and try to guess the translation of “constant” in Portuguese:

Then you click see answer:

And you will hear the full sentence in Portuguese. You can now evaluate yourself and click one of the options below.

This will define how often you will see this card again. With these buttons, you can postpone card you master until they don’t appear anymore. Anki has an algorithm that will take care of when you should see each word.

Anki Desktop is a flexible tool. You can change many settings, such as the number of new cards per day, number of review cards, etc. YouTube can help you to understand how the algorithm works, and how to change the settings. However, don’t use too much time with this, as you can lose yourself in so many options. You better use your time learning Portuguese. 😉

Audio-Enhanced Learning What sets this deck apart is the inclusion of audio for each card. You can check the audios on this page Learn Portuguese with Stories – book 1 – AnkiWeb. Just click the play buttons at the bottom of that page.

Not only do you get to practice the vocabulary within context, but you’ll also hear the pronunciation upon answering a card. This feature is invaluable for improving listening skills and perfecting pronunciation, providing an immersive language learning experience.

You don’t have the book yet? So here are some highlights:

  • Verb Tenses: The vocabulary and sentences primarily use the present tense, making it ideal for beginners and intermediate learners.
  • Interactive Exercises: Engage with crosswords, questions, and writing prompts designed to warm up your brain before diving into each chapter.
  • Study Tips: Maximize retention by studying with the Anki or Lingivst flashcards for just 10 minutes before reading a chapter, enhancing both your understanding and enjoyment of the story.

Where to buy the book?
The book will be available from April 05 for purchase at Amazon, or can be enjoyed with Kindle Unlimited. I will add the links here.

Where to get the Falshcards for free?

Visit Learn Portuguese with Stories – book 1 – AnkiWeb.

Anki Compatibility Anki is a versatile tool for spaced repetition learning, compatible across multiple platforms. Whether you’re using Android, Windows, macOS, or iOS, Anki has you covered. This means you can seamlessly integrate your Portuguese study sessions into your daily routine, regardless of your preferred device.

How to Get Started

  1. Download Anki for your device from the official Anki website: Anki – powerful, intelligent flashcards (ankiweb.net).
    • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux; with alternative Apps for Adroid and iOS. You can find all the information on the official Anki website.
    • Look for YouTube tutorials for Anki in case you need more assistance.
  2. Access the AnkiWeb platform and download the “Sombras do Passado – São Paulo” flashcard deck: Download Deck.
  3. Sync the deck with your Anki apps and start learning!

Learning Portuguese has never been more engaging. With “Sombras do Passado – São Paulo” and its accompanying Anki deck, you’re not just studying a language; you’re experiencing it.

Happy learning, and may your adventure through the streets of São Paulo enrich your journey in the Portuguese language.

Warm regards,

Dr. Felipe Follmann