Don’t just learn a language, experience it through stories!

In the realm of language learning, there’s a special kind of magic that happens when one delves into languages as rich and diverse as Portuguese and German. But what truly elevates this experience is the power of storytelling.

Stories have a unique way of immersing us in the culture, the places, the people, and even the flavors of the country where the language is spoken.

When we engage with stories, especially those set in the heart of the countries whose languages we’re learning, it’s like taking a virtual journey through those lands. For instance, as you learn Portuguese, imagine being engrossed in a tale set in the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro or the scenic cliffs of the Algarve.

Through the narrative, you experience the local customs, taste the traditional Feijoada and Pão de Queijo, and feel the Brazilian sun on your skin, all while absorbing the language in its most natural form.

Similarly, a story set in Germany can transport you to the historic lanes of Heidelberg or the vibrant heart of Berlin. You’re not just learning German; you’re living it. You experience Oktoberfest, taste authentic Schnitzel, and engage with characters that bring out the soul of German culture.

A new series for Portuguese learners!
And later for German learners as well!

This immersive approach to language learning is beautifully encapsulated in my upcoming book series for learners of Portuguese, which I’m thrilled to announce that it is now released (updated blog post on April 03). This book isn’t just a learning tool; it’s an adventure set in Brazil where Portuguese thrives.

Learn Portuguese with Immersive Short Stories: Sombras do Passado – São Paulo.“, is available at Amazon, for Kindle, via Kindle unlimited, and as print version, both paperback and hardcover in many countries.

Link to the graded book: Learn Portuguese with Immersive Short Stories: Sombras do Passado – São Paulo

Look for it in the Amazon website from your country!

Readers will find themselves exploring the scenes, savoring the local cuisine, and meeting people who bring the language to life through the mysterious adventure of Chico. It’s an opportunity to live within the story, making the learning process engaging, enjoyable, and deeply effective. As a bonus for the learning process, I prepared crosswords and FLASHCARDS for each chapter so that you will be able to practice the words you learned. 

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You can read the first chapter via Amazon book preview or Kindle sample!
It’s free.

I’m starting with the series of books for Portuguese learners, and my plan is to make it available for German learners as well in the future.

I have planned this series to be great. Not only that, but I will write a bit more about the details in a next blog posts. Stay tuned!